The pace results are in!

Congratulations to our winning teams and thank you to all who came out for a very enjoyable day.  The weather, footing and food was picture perfect!

2016 Results
2016 Pace Photography
Wonderful pace, glorious trail, views and weather and the steak lunch was delicious too!
What a fun day – thanks OCH!!!
Great day out! Perfect weather and amazing trails and volunteers!
I was going to write you to congratulate and compliment you on the spectacular Hunter Pace course and record setting turnout! It was the prettiest course I’ve ever ridden with gorgeous Fall colors and beautiful woodlands. Bravo on your yearlong planning and flawless execution. The food was delicious today, especially the steaks, and all the participants felt welcomed and cared for. Folks came from Vermont, New Haven, CT and Binghamton, NY and raved about the course (which I clocked at 12.04 miles). Warmest regards
Flawless event. Everything worked. The volunteers were terrific.

My daughter, Lana never enjoyed a day as much as she did yesterday!

God bless and thanks so much.


Hunt Division — 1:06:33

First —Team 5 Kaylee Jennings, Mark Giandomenico
Second — Team 15 Ann Torre Bates, James Bates
Third — Team 64 Briana Nelder, Ashley Gaskey
Fourth — Team 34 Ashley Forlie, Jessica Brown, Jenny Bee
Fifth — Team 57 Lael Dickinson, Sean DeRosa
Sixth — Team 3 Reggie Wenzek, Steph Lee
Seventh — Team 54 Kelly Rooney, Laura Kobrin
Eighth — Team 65 Lisa Walsh, Carol Morgan
Ninth — Team 40 Chris Wenzel, Kim Eckerle
Tenth — Team 84 Doe Hee Kim, Tori Burke, Michael Leder

Junior Division — 1:20:04

First — Team 8 Filip Carroll, Ted Tuttle
Second — Team 72 Martina, Jean Marie, and Pat Coppola
Third — Team 17 Alison Griffiths, Charlie Boddy
Fourth — Team 42 Kiah Bushee, Karrie Holbrook
Fifth — Team 60 Elise Uhlar, Madi Marks
Sixth —Team 24 Emily Fabiano, Jillian Perry
Seventh — Team 27 Iris Field, Lana Messinger
Eighth — Team 62 Lauren Uhlar, Heather Uhlar
Ninth — Team 68 Grace Shartau, Amy Mannfolk

Pleasure Division — 1:41:25

First — Team 87 Suzanne Preville, Lexi Brown
Second — Team 51 Katie Wolfgang, Kathy Niemeyer
Third — Team 83 Gabby and Hannah Danz
Fourth — Team 88 Emily Schroeder, Emily Beaudoin
Fifth — Team 86 Valentina Shaknes, Ryley Evans
Sixth — Team 85 Andrea McBurnie, Kianna Westfall
Seventh — Team 28  Ellie and Robin Blass
Eighth — Team 73 Marietta Kirkpatrick, Lisa Van Wie
Ninth — Team 21 Jen Stickles, David Terri
Tenth — Team 75 Nancy Miller, Karin Carreau