Arriving at The Hunt


Introduce yourself to the Masters prior to starting out.

Inform the Field Secretary of your status – guest of whom, Adult or Junior.

Sign your liability waiver and pay your Capping fee to the Field Secretary.

We start the morning with announcements by the Masters who will introduce you to the group.

Please see Foxhunting Formalities
for more information on dress and etiquette.

(Also available from the Honorable Secretary)

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Fox Hunting Attire

AUGUST AUTUMN HUNTING (informal attire) – ASTM certified riding helmet with safety harness, green polo shirt, britches, field boots or paddock boots and half chaps.

SEPTEMBER AUTUMN HUNTING (Ratcatcher) – Hunt cap with safety harness (hairnet for the ladies), ratcatcher coat (plaid or colored) with tie or stock tie, britches, brown gloves and brown field boots (black field or dress boots if you do not have brown).

OCT-NOV (Opening Day to end-of-formal season) Black velvet hunt cap with harness, shirt with white stock tie, plain stock pin in horizontal position, canary vest, beige britches, plain black boots, gloves, and black hunt coat.

The Field or Flight is organized into 3 groups

FIRST FLIGHT  For those who want to follow hounds very closely at varied speeds over all terrain. This field may jump fences with no go-arounds.

SECOND FLIGHT  For those who want to go at a slightly more moderate speed and jump only some of the jumps. It is very important if you do not plan to jump consistently in either 1st or 2nd flight that you stay to the end of the group.

THIRD FLIGHT  Or “Hilltoppers” do not jump and go at a slower pace.

Field Etiquette

For safety riders must be able to keep a safe distance from the horse front of them and be able to control their mount at all times.

When the Huntsman, hounds or any Staff need to pass by, please move your horse off the trail and point your horse’s head towards them.

If your horse gets jittery, move deeper away from the trail. This is also true for when individual fields pass by.

If you need to change fields or leave the hunt early, be sure to get the Field Master’s permission. Do not canter or gallop past other fields as you leave. Please be sure not to ride over unhunted territory and be aware that you are a guest on our landowner’s properties – do not disturb livestock and leave all gates as you find them (when in doubt close and latch gates).

If you are having problems with your horse inform the Field Master or a member of the hunt nearest you. They will try to help you out. Horses new to hunting can easily be overwhelmed by all the action. Your safety is paramount to us.