The OCHC welcomes new members!

To join us as a guest on a hunt, you must obtain permission by contacting a Master of the Hunt or Secretary. A capping fee is often required.
Member Sponsor Form

Foxhunting Membership

Family Foxhunting

Adult or adult couple, including dependent children up to age 21

Adult Foxhunting

One Adult

Young Adult Foxhunting

One young adult, up to the age of 35
Note: new Young Adult 1st year: $510, 2nd year: $770

Foxhunting Social Membership

One Adult or adult couple, non-hunting membership with all FH social privileges, including participation in the OCHC Trail Ride Series

Student Foxhunting (non voting)

One full time student, up to the age of 25
Note: new Student 1st year: $260, 2nd year: $400

Junior Foxhunting (non voting)

One youth rider, up to the age of 18
Note: new Junior 1st year: $175, 2nd year: $250

Groom (non-voting)

A groom is sponsored by family or adult foxhunting member. A groom is an employee who is paid by the sponsor to ride their horses in the hunt field.  If a groom works for two members, two groom memberships are required for that groom, otherwise a cap fee applies. No application fee applies.

Additional Fees
Pay Online

Foxhunting Capping- Pre-Season Roading:  $25 adults, $10 children

(non-members must pay the cap fee but the number of rides is not restricted)

Foxhunting Capping- Pre-Season Autumn Hunting*:  $75 adults, $25 children

Foxhunting Capping- Formal Season*:  $160 adults, $50 children

*Maximum 3 cap total during Pre-Season Autumn Hunting + Formal Season before an individual is asked to apply for membership. If membership is approved, previously paid caps for the season are applied toward the current membership dues. (note: maximum 3 caps can be waived, at discretion of the Masters, for professional trainers riding members or prospective members’ hunt horses)

Beagling Membership

Adult Beagling Membership

Note: requires Application Fee of $125 for new application

Family Beagling Membership

Note: requires Application Fee of $125 for new application

Junior Beagling Membership

Note: No family member over 30 years old. Application fee waived


The Membership Process

Membership in the Old Chatham Hunt Club is based on written recommendations by existing members to the Membership Committee, which then recommends them to the Board of Directors for final approval. The process of proposing a new member is as follows:


The current member should invite the prospective member to cap during the hunting season (caps paid are eligible to be credited towards dues). The prospective member should be introduced to the Masters present, explaining that he/she might like to join the club. They should also be introduced to any members of the Membership Committee present and to other members who might be willing to sponsor them for membership.


The proposing member should explain the costs and duties of membership to the prospective member. The proposing member shall complete the Membership Sponsor form and submit it to the Membership Chair. The applicant will provide a check in the amount of the appropriate application fee (if any) to accompany this letter.


The Membership committee will review the Sponsor Form and present the name of the applicant to the Board of Directors.


Upon approval by a majority of the Board of Directors, the Membership Chair will mail a Membership Information Form, a Release and Waiver of Liability and the President’s Welcome letter to the applicant. When the Chair has received the signed Information Form and the signed Waiver of Liability, he/she shall forward copies of them, along with the application fee, to the Treasurer.


The Treasurer will then bill the new member for the appropriate annual dues. Upon receipt of the annual dues, the Treasurer will inform the Membership Chair of such receipt.