Alas, I fear this report will be abbreviated report as I was in Aldie, Virginia judging the basset trials.

But, I understand it was a delightful turnout at the home of Tina and Bob Worsfold in Kinderhook, New York.

It was an extended draw but hounds finally struck and Jack and Jim kept pace with a slingshot rabbit that ran from the soybean fields and back to the Worsfold’s farm.   Our staff was quite winded when they finally caught up with the 6 couple.

Jack had chosen his hounds carefully for a venue that oft produced a plethora deer, but, our Achilles heel is the red fox which emerged beneath the thick covert and then burst out into orbit.  Zurich and Zinnia, our steadfast ‘tattle-tails’ alerted Jack to the riot when they returned his side instantly and were completely uninterested in the pursuit.  But our gratitude must go to the iron-willed & fleet footed Matt & Tyler Suchoski that ran down the pack and returned them safely to Jack’s side!  What an amazing recovery by father & son!

Our exhausted band finally adjourned to the lovely home of the Guerriero’s in Kinderhook offered a brilliant Tea along with Sara and Barry McWilliams and Pat and Dick Dorsey.