The Old Chatham Hunt Club is excited to host a qualifying meet for the Junior North American National Field Hunter Championships at our meet at Valley View Farm on Saturday, October 12th.

Junior North American National Field Hunter Championships
Huntsman Stephanie & her Daughter

Juniors who wish to qualify will hunt as normal and there will be a judge in each field. Thank you to Eddie Root, Michael Ledder, Dohee Kim, and James and Ann Bates who have kindly agreed to be our judges.

Juniors should ride the pony or horse that they wish to compete in the championships with and both are judged as a pair. Juniors who qualify will be invited to compete in the Junior North American National Field Hunter Championships in Middleburg, VA on November 9th ( A weekend of festivities are planned including a tour of the National Beagle Club, a reception at the new Masters of Foxhounds Association headquarters, the competition on Saturday (a flat under-saddle class and a 45 minute mock hunt), lunch and evening reception, and an optional hunt on Sunday (both foxhunting and foot beagling will be offered).

The following criteria will be used for qualification:

1. Are both junior and mount safe to ride in the hunt field?

2. Do both the junior and mount appear to enjoy foxhunting?

3. Is the junior wearing appropriate formal attire?

4. Is the junior’s mount wearing clean, well fitted and appropriate tack in good condition?

5. Does the junior’s mount appear clean, healthy, well cared for, well shod, and fit enough to foxhunt?

6. Does the junior exhibit good sportsmanship – is friendly and polite to other members and makes an effort to thank landowners, masters, field masters, parents and the huntsman?

7. Did the junior and mount exhibit safe and considerate behavior at all times?

8. Would this pair be able to well represent the hunt club they are affiliated with at the Junior National Field Hunter Championships?

The junior and mount must both meet all of these criteria in order to qualify. Any one thing such as ill-fitting tack, a dangerous or un-fit mount, or rudeness demonstrated will result in the junior not qualifying for the championships. Not all mistakes are disqualifiers however! The judges will assess how the junior handles any unplanned challenges in the field.

If you or a junior you know wishes to qualify, go to There is a $75 registration fee which covers the cap fee for the junior to hunt at the qualifying meet.

Juniors who qualify will be awarded a rosette at the breakfast after the hunt.