On Saturday October 31, 2015 we met for an ALL HALLOW’S EVE meet at the picturesque home of Cindy, Allie and Jim Buckley in Malden Bridge. This was the morning of our relatively ‘new’ tradition of a Joint Meet with beagles and foxhounds.   The foxhunt cast from the Clark property at 9:00 a.m. after being sent forth by a stirrup cup hosted by the beaglers.

The beagles gathered shortly thereafter at the home of the Buckley’s for a picturesque cast along the edge of the Kinderhook Creek.  The shoals of the Kinderhook, although yielding considerate vegetation are still considered a flood plain and the wild habitat is reserved to set up a permanent residence.  But it was a delightful and picturesque stroll and, as anticipated, hounds struck at a slightly higher altitude in the thick tangles which bordered route 66.  It was not an Olympic pursuit, but a series of high blasts led by Apollo and corrected by Yueng-Ling should they overshoot was the order of the day.   After several back and forth sequences along the edge of 66, hounds began to struggle with a tight turning quarry until their confident cry faded to a loss.

This was the pinnacle of our mid-morning foray, but let us not discount our 27 second blast on a hard charging Charlie (red fox) who momentarily seduced a fair percentage of the pack.  Cheryl and Jim flew to the rescue and sent them straight back to Jessica and they minded their manners appropriately and resumed the draw.

No doubt we had ‘Gotten our Kicks on Route 66’ on this fine morning!  We decided to slowly meander back to our original meet.  Jessica allowed the pack a generous draw as we were traversing near previously ventured coverts and it unlikely that undesirable game had remained in the territory.  Hounds diligently feathered and pipped along a few cold lines but were unable to commit.  It was impossible to complain as the Field was happily submersed in conversation as we strolled back along the Kinderhook coastline.    Hounds re-joined at Jessica’s heels as she blew home and crossed the foot bridge which connected paddocks to the Buckley farm.

It was a delightful morning and we had earned our appetites as we arrive at the joint Tea just a few minutes before the foxhunters. It was a first-rate spread of delectable offerings which ranged from artichoke dips, ham, tenderloin, a plethora of pasta perfection and a dessert table that consumed more acreage than the lunch venue (awesome!)

Thank you to the Buckley’s for once again hosting a pleasant afternoon of beagling and brunch and their endearing support!